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So, Kids...  
10:56am 29/11/2014
Red Jester
The vibe gets kind of scary...

My friend in politics contacted me on Facebook last night. He danced around... but he wanted the down-low on Pastor Jarrod. On "Pastor Jarrod." Now, I was friends with his gay brother, but since he's come out some things have been... weird? I've never known where the brothers stood. I wasn't totally convinced that he wasn't just after a good political story. Oh, my candidate totally supports you? ... ?

But I haven't talked to him in almost ten fucking years. And then? I'm not a fucking idiot. I told him that if he wanted the story then I would tell him everything I have. But... in polite speech. Civil and shit. Fuck.

It was so strange that he contacted me. Pushing his political candidate while I almost chocked. And after talking to Kim on the fucking phone tonight about her ordeal? Seriously. I did not sign up for this shit.
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