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(no subject)  
12:29am 16/08/2011
Red Jester
Funny story. I walked in to work the other day, and our display manager had set up three... things... that looked to me like giant penises. I giggled to myself, cursed my dirty mind, and then moved on.

Today he came up to me and told me that our security manager had seen two teenage boys adding pillows for testicles to it and taking pictures. Our display manager said to me, "I had no idea! I didn't see it! I'm the gay guy, and I was totally clueless!"

It totally cracked me up, because he sounded like he thought he'd failed by not spotting the penis. I also felt a bit honored because he's never flat out told me before that he's gay. He's almost a bear (none of the stereotype, easily recognizable gay-dar set offs), and from the first time he met me he talked about his partner only by name (never by relationship title). Almost like he assumed that I knew.

It was like he was feeling me out. He's been so ambiguous that I wasn't sure if he was referring to his lover or his teenage son. Finally. Now I can actually crack some of the jokes that have been popping into my head for the past ten months without the fear of it sounding incestuous. :D

I'm running on a theme. Honesty is really the best policy. People who aren't straight up with me screw with my head.
mood: lovedloved
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