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01:26am 15/08/2011
Red Jester
I work as a CNA at a long term care facility on the weekends. One of my residents (she has MS) is the same age as my mum, and I've kind of adopted her.

Tonight she asked me if I'm ever going to get married. She has this image of me as a super independent woman since I live alone and go camping by myself. Tonight I divulged to her about my ex-husband, the fact that I called the cops on him, and that he threatened to kill me. She comforted me. It was strange since I'm usually comforting her.

We talked about her sex life with her husband (who doesn't live there). She still loves him with the passion of a teenage-first-love-affair. I was amazed to hear about that. I was so proud of her that she was still gossiping with me about it like she was a kid.

She opened my eyes about honesty tonight. I appreciate her so much for talking so honestly with me, and for listening to my honesty.

She can be difficult sometimes, and some of the staff doesn't like dealing with her. But she's really amazing in her own right. I pissed her off royally tonight, and she still accepted me back with the verbal hug of bearing her soul.

So, I guess this post is just a cosmic "Thank You" to her. She teaches me every day that I work with her.
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